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Ready to Work!

Properly Trained.


American Mining Academy


 American Mining Academy is dedicated to teaching the fundamental principles and advanced technical training involved in mining operations, as well as advancing a culture of safety to inexperienced students and experienced miners alike.

We know mining


For nearly 40 years, GMS Mine Repair & Maintenance has been North America's premier labor contractor for Mining. As such, GMS knows something about what it takes to become a professional miner and enjoy the rewarding career opportunities that await those who are properly trained and ready to work. That's why GMS began the American Mining Academy. A state-of-the-art facility in southwestern Pennsylvania that brings together some of the best instructors and experienced field personnel to prepare students for an exciting career in mining, or to provide refresher training to seasoned veterans.


This facility consists of a classroom building in addition to the simulated underground mine. The 16,000 sq ft training facility is equipped with state-of-the-art classrooms and conference spaces . Each classroom is equipped with safety and production training tools to further foster the student learning experience.


The simulated mine is set up in a three-entry section approach with well ventilated primary and secondary escape ways. A nonfunctioning track, a section belt, stoppings, line curtains, K panels and lifelines have been installed to provide inexperienced and experienced miners with practical knowledge of mine haulage and ventilation.

Oil & Gas


The Rig Simulator is the perfect tool to train new to industry employees looking for a career on a drilling rig. On the simulator, students will learn various concepts and participate in hands on task training such as: common equipment terminology and functions of each, safety awareness, tripping in and out of the hole, recording pipe tally, wire rope inspection and more.

Industrial Safety Training


AMA also provides both standard and customized industrial safety training and instruction for a broad range of workplace requirements, including Red Cross First Aid/CPR/AED Training, Clear Crew Cutting, OSHA Construction (10 and 30 hours) and many more.


Our Brand


We've updated our logo to reflect a more contemporary, adaptable organization, but more importantly, the logo now graphically depicts a shield. The shield is there as a constant reminder that proper training and thorough safety practices, like those taught at AMA, protect us and keep us safe, under ground and above.


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